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Music has always been a huge part of my life and from an early age I found myself drawn to powerful voices and those seemingly pushing the boundaries of vocal possibility.

Inspired by the likes of Chris Cornell and Robert Plant, from age 16, I was performing regularly in pubs and venues across Newcastle upon Tyne with my band. At 18, I moved to Guildford to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music, studying under some of the UK’s most prominent voice and music tutors, and leaving two years later with a First Class Honours degree in Contemporary Music Performance, specialising in the voice. Since then I’ve done multiple tours of the UK,  have had my music played on BBC Radio 1, and been featured in Rolling Stone, Daily Express and more.


Whilst my degree gave me a foundational level of Voice Science knowledge, I am dedicated to the ongoing study of Voice Science; I regularly attend events, lessons, courses and conferences within the industry and keep up to date with the latest research to ensure I have the best tools to help you. I am a Vocal Health First Aider, as well as an authorised member of the elite international network of voice professionals, Vocology in Practice.


It’s my mission to empower singers, songwriters and performers to find their true artistic voice.


My teaching covers all contemporary music styles including Rock, Metal, Pop, Musical Theatre & more.


In addition to teaching privately, Steff also lectures at the Academy of Contemporary Music, and coaches in various schools and colleges across Surrey.

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