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Steff is a vocal coach freeing singers of their limitations and helping them to find their perfect sound

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How can I help you?

  • Vocal "troubleshooting" - Perhaps there's part of a song that you just can't seem to nail, or an inconsistency in your voice that you'd like to smooth out

  • Improve your performance​​ - enhance your vocal efficiency and consistency during live shows, beat vocal fatigue, improve stamina, performance techniques, and vocal health optimisation

  • Stylistic exploration - Help exploring new vocal colours and qualities that you can add to your vocal toolkit 

  • Songwriting - Tips and tricks to assist in topline writing and achieving the vocal sounds you envision in your songs

  • And lots more! Feel free to get in touch below for specific queries...


Tailored 1 to 1 Voice Lessons

"My confidence and ability has grown so much! I couldn't ask for a better teacher to start me off on my singing journey"



"Steff is a very talented person and an amazing teacher! She has taught me a lot about how singing isn't just technical, but also the confidence within yourself - I've come a long way in this area... She has also helped me realise a ton about how I feel about my voice and how I like to use it…

I will be forever grateful for what you have taught me. Thank you!!"



After over 10 years of performance experience, I understand the demands that contemporary singers face.


My aim is to give you the freedom to explore and hone your own stylistic identity, without feeling restricted by limitations such as range, power, flexibility and more.


The act of singing starts in the mind, and often the mental barriers we have to overcome are greater than the physical ones. I believe that creating a safe space to have fun, experiment and make mistakes is the best way to explore your voice.


All voices are unique and there is no 'one size fits all' approach. I treat every voice individually and holistically, not only with consideration of your personal goals but also in your habits to help you to find balance. In doing this, we may even explore parts of your voice that you might not have uncovered before.


Find Your Voice

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